Looking Up

Six, about to be Seven

It’s 2022 in Kalispell, Montana. In the dining room, which is used loosely as a homeschool room and catch-all-for-papers -and-projects room, my mom was taking a piano lesson.  Outside the air is cool and dry, the sun bright and pure.  My other children are silently playing or reading.  “I’m going to teach you to play Chopsticks first,” …

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On Faith and Fear

My dad was projected to live into his 90s. His grandparents and parents had, and they enjoyed relative freedom until the last days or weeks of their passing. He worked at being healthy through hard physical work, regular stretching, cutting out sugar, and staying busy with volunteer work. Graduating by the skin of his teeth …

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13 months: on addiction to Facebook, not getting what we wanted, and “God is good”

On regaining control Realizing I had an addiction to scrolling mindlessly on Facebook, I decided to stop looking at it for awhile. Not only did I spend significant time mindlessly scrolling, I spent hours intentionally reading and responding as well. Sometimes periods of despondence would overtake me after I engaged in discussions that tip heavily …

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SAHM…with caveats.

I’m a nurse at a hospital where I work twelve hour shifts. Across the United States, nurses who work twelve hour shifts are considered full time if they pull three shifts a week; I generally do two shifts, sometimes three.  To most people outside of nursing, working two or three shifts a week sounds like …

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Hurricane Season

Uncontrollable storms I didn’t live through Hurricane Katrina, but Brad did. He called me from Picayune just before Katrina’s flouncing skirts and thundering, twisting, spinning fingers began engulfing Mississippi. Then the line was dead and I didn’t hear from him for five days. All I could see was the flooding, the wreckage, the ruin. Rumors …

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