Faith like a child

It was Saturday June 3rd, about 7pm. Pale light coming in the bedroom window lay across Sophia asleep on the floor. I had walked up the stairs with my Bible in hand planning to read Psalms chapter one to the girls and kiss them goodnight. We had memorized this chapter when I was a teenager. …

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Allergic Reaction

It was two Wednesdays ago when Sophia ate the cashew. Wednesday March 15, 2017. Later I realized I wanted to remember the date as clearly as I did her birthday.   The day she took her first breath and the day she was once again, given breath upon breath despite the odds. It was cool for …

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Constructive Criticism

  “My girl, I’m giving you constructive criticism. It’s not that I don’t love you or that you are a bad person. I’m just showing you something you can improve on.” I saw her silent tears. My heart was sinking, and I felt uncertain. Downstairs the baby was toddling around screaming, and the six-year-old was …

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