This picture was taken about 1980 when my parents first lived with the people native to the Amazon jungle of Bolivia. A child was reaching toward me, and I was reaching toward her. It is a picture of my heart, reaching forward but also hesitating, wanting to be sure. Almost four decades later, age 42, I write to talk about the journey of an MK into current life. There is searching, there are answers, there are mysteries. I write to show the Light I have, and to find Light myself, because God is always there, not unknowable but a far greater Light than I can know in my lifetime.


Anonymity: “lack of outstanding, individual, or unusual features.” Who has never felt this?  

Constructive Criticism

  “My girl, I’m giving you constructive criticism. It’s not that I don’t love you or that you are a bad person. I’m just showing you something you can improve on.” I saw her silent tears. My heart was sinking, and I felt uncertain. Downstairs the baby was toddling around screaming, and the six-year-old was …

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