Say “Yes!” as Often as You Can

A couple years ago, I lamented to my mom that I felt like I was always saying “No!” to my children.  At the time they were six years old and younger. There were, and still are, many things they wished to do that require redirection.  She listened quietly on the other end of the line as I gave her example after example.  I might’ve been exasperated that day or at that moment.  It happens often enough.

She understood. She had walked this path decades ago and remembered it well.

“Say yes as often as you can,” she said.

This is what will be posted here..the Say Yes stories.


This picture was taken about 1980 when my parents first lived with the people native to the Amazon jungle of Bolivia.A child was reaching toward me, and I was reaching toward her. It is a picture of my heart, reaching forward but also hesitating, wanting to be sure. Almost four decades later, age 42, I write to talk about the journey of an MK into current life.There is searching, there are answers, there are mysteries.I write to show the Light I have, and to find Light myself, because God is always there, not unknowable but a far greater Light than I can know in my lifetime.

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