Month: February 2017

Time is running out

I think back over my over my life in snatches of time. Daily, the memories surface. From the beginning to the present and even stretching back to my parents’ upbringing, each time period is immortalized in perceptions of what life was like for them, and then in the feelings and events that dominated my life. …

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Coffee Grinder

There’s a song on the radio called Just Breathe.  Pearl Jam has a song by this name, but I’m talking the Johnny Diaz’ lyrics.  This song sounds like it’s based on the story of Mary and Martha in which Mary finds that sitting at Jesus’ feet is best while Martha stays busy with the necessary …

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Anonymity: “lack of outstanding, individual, or unusual features.” Who has never felt this?  

Constructive Criticism

  “My girl, I’m giving you constructive criticism. It’s not that I don’t love you or that you are a bad person. I’m just showing you something you can improve on.” I saw her silent tears. My heart was sinking, and I felt uncertain. Downstairs the baby was toddling around screaming, and the six-year-old was …

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